Jeans, 2002

A public work for Merituuli Kindergarten, ordered by Helsinki City Art Museum. The work consists of four separate parts all made of used jeans.

We collected used jeans of five different shades of blue from flea markets. Pieces are Jeans Design, Jeans Faces, Jeans Eggs and For Sleeping.
Jeans Design is 7m long piece on the wall of kindergarten’s hall. The form of the work comes from my earlier installation “Design”. I changed it from three-dimensional to 2D. All the works were sewed by using typical seam used in jeans. Work was done by professional sewerTarja Ruippo.

MN Art High school


Miika Nyyssönen Art High School, 1999, Helsinki Kunsthalle Studio, Finland


This installation I made in Helsinki Kunsthalle’s small studio combines material I’ ve made or lived with when I was about 12 years old to the art I make today.It introduces pictures of imaginary bus company, lists of the participants of imaginary sports contests, Heavy Rock album covers and signs, cardboard sculptures, butter, peanuts, maps of imaginary states, rubber carpet, photographs of water puddles, chevril sculptures, clay, plastic, plexiglas, superlon castle, jogging shoes from early eighties, etc.The work searches for similarities in things I’ ve done before knowing nothing about contemporary art and work that I’ ve done as professional artist. It reflects the same person in two different times and states of consciousness.(1999)



Design, temporary installation for “Fiber”-exhibition, Fiskars, Finland, 1997



Installation, 1997, foyer of the Opera House, Helsinki, Finland

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