Miika Nyyssönen is a visual artist living in Helsinki, Finland. He was born in 1965. He graduated 1992 from Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts and since then he had worked as an artist making sculptures, paintings, installations and computer-based arts.
He is interested in spatiality, how to express sense of space with various means, how to build a feeling of space by making choices of dimensions, color relations, tension and interlacement of areas in picture or sculpture. He is more a creator of atmospheres than a story-teller although often his work carries also art-historical references. Both classical and modern tradition of picture-making are sources of inspiration to him, as also the material qualities of artwork, like pigments or surface structures. His starting point is usually a drawing which he considers as the straightest way from thought to visual and material.
Most recently he has worked with three series. In the Breda-serie he made numerous variations from Velazquez’s painting Surrender of Breda (1633-35). The Color Sculptures serie is about tension between color and sculpted form. In the Portraits-serie he is working as an landscape painter: the challenge is how to work with the situation in front of the artist, the happening is always surprisingly different.
Nyyssönen’s works has been shown widely in Finland and also several times in other countries like Germany, Russia and the USA. His works belong to museums and private collections in Finland.